About Us

  • What we are

The Daisy Wilson Artist Community, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to promote the literary and social legacy of August Wilson through the restoration of his boyhood home at 1727 Bedford Avenue . The Community intends to transform the August Wilson Home into studio space for the fine arts, music and literature; to explore the cultural narrative of the plays of August Wilson through seminars, readings, receptions, exhibits and performances; to inspire a creative environment by providing interdisciplinary programs in an urban setting; and to encourage and support educational and artistic activities to enrich the Hill District and surrounding community.

  • Why you should care
  1. Reintroducing Arts will revitalize the culture of Pittsburgh’s Hill District.Documentaries, photographs, and older Pittsburgh residents remind us that at one point the Hill District was a vibrant home for the arts, with Wylie Avenue, Centre Avenue, and Crawford Street buzzing with blues music and the like. Restoring the arts will not only bring in capital and promote creativity, but it will also refocus the resources of the Hill community. The partnership will promote Wilson’s love of literature, but also include other art forms as they seek to inspire and inform all program participants.
  2. The House will help preserve August Wilson’s legacy and philosophy.The Hill District still lacks a third space”, where residents can come together to relax and share ideas. The historic home of August Wilson is already being preserved, and if restored it can fill this need as a welcoming public space. The house is located on Bedford Avenue, in a residential area, but it is also close to the historic avenues of Wylie and Centre, which will help the programming reach its target audience. Additionally, the house is in close proximity to Duquesne, and as a creative outlet the restored home will draw students to the Hill District.
  3. Academic initiatives will ensure the partnership’s continuity and emphasize community building as two neighbors working together for a common cause.Each group has unique talents. This space, project, and dream will utilize the best from each. Extensive teamwork will enhance the lines of communication between organizations. The plan promotes service learning, a point of pride at Duquesne University, which will ensure a continued commitment to service from it’s Honors College students. This form of education gives students real-world applications of their classroom education, and broadens their knowledge of the world beyond the borders of their campus.