Signature Partnership Goals

Goals of the Signature Partnership

    • Goal 1: Create and sustain awareness of the Signature Partnership’s projects and August Wilson’s legacy

      Awareness is at the heart of the Signature Partnership’s purpose and projects. The partnership was formed in part to cultivate awareness and appreciation of August Wilson’s works and place in Pittsburgh history among Duquesne students, faculty, and staff, as well as residents of the Hill District. Generating and maintaining awareness of the partnership’s projects will ensure that it meets its other objectives. Through compiling and distributing a comprehensive need-to-know kit and implementing awareness-raising activities at Duquesne and in the greater Pittsburgh community, the partnership will provide for its future continuity and success.

    • Goal 2: Provide collaborative programming

      One of the key efforts that will unite the strengths of Duquesne students with the Hill community will be through a series of programming efforts. Programming will provide entertainment outlets, networking opportunities, and even aid in building awareness of the Daisy Wilson Artist Community as we aim to develop possibilities for utilizing the house and adjoining lot. Prior to the completion of the house, we will begin to use the surrounding outdoor property to support activities and events. We expect these “pre-gramming” efforts to encompass one to two years as the house is being finished, and is noted as the first phase in this goal. Once the house is stabilized, we will build upon the Phase 1 activities to develop programming possibilities further. We project that these would begin in years 3 – 4 of the strategic plan. Then, five years and beyond, as the partnership strengthens and develops, we will continue to increase the programming aspects of this “third space” with suggestions for “post-gramming” in Phase 3.

    • Goal 3: Develop curricular elements for Duquesne students

      Duquesne Honors College students strive to learn on their own and always want to do more. By developing curricular elements for Honors College students, growth can be achieved for both Duquesne students and the Daisy Wilson Artist Community. Through personal projects and service-learning classes, Duquesne students and the Hill community will learn together.

    • Goal 4: Help renovate and maintain the August Wilson property

      The main obstacle faced by the DWAC, and therefore the partnership as a whole, is the renovation of the August Wilson house. The entire project is contingent on its completion, so raising funds to support this is a top priority. In addition to raising funds for the house, the regular maintenance of the house and adjacent lot is a concern of the partnership. The lot itself will be an integral part in the early life of the project. It will provide a space for programming, a coffee cart, and help attract people to the house.