Signature Partnerships

    • Signature Partnership

    • “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

    • Mission

      The mission of the signature partnership between Duquesne University’s Honors College and the Daisy Wilson Artist Community is to sustain a symbiotic relationship that builds on the strengths of each. The partnership aims to meet the goals of the Daisy Wilson Artist Community, offer educational and service opportunities for Duquesne students and staff, promote the arts, preserve and advance the artistic legacy of August Wilson, and help the Hill community flourish.

    • Vision

      The vision of the signature partnership is to create a place where Hill residents and Duquesne students of all ages come together to create art and music, a place where people gather to tell stories and make new ones. With this in mind, the Daisy Wilson Artist Community and Duquesne University Honors College work in tandem to make this dream a reality.

    • Who Are We?

      We are a collection of Duquesne Honors students. We are future teachers, lawyers, artists, and professionals. We have come together to prepare the way for future students to be involved in their community. We have created a plan to unite the university and Hill communities and help the Daisy Wilson Artist Community grow. We are the team behind the dream.This has not been an easy task, but we are excited about what we have learned and accomplished. The following is the story of the creation of the strategic plan. We hope our reflections and insights will help future teams assigned to a similar task.

    • Previous Honors Seminar Work